25 Jan 14 at 4 am

Asked by Anonymous

asker hey ^_^ I was thinking of cosplaying your steampunk Marceline this may, so I have a few questions ; 1) Do I have permission to cosplay her? 2) What does she have on her uh.. garter(?)((The one around the stocking)) 3) For the armor (Her boots and shoulder plates and shizzles), do you see it as metallic, or like bone? o.o thank chuuu~ ^_^


1) yes of course, go ahead! do show me photos when you’re done if that’s fine :D

2) on the right leg? a brown leg strap holding 3 viles full of blood.

3) bone, i guess. but metallic would be cool, too! up to you how you want to interpet it :)

20 Dec 13 at 1 am

Asked by wufawns

asker hello! I've seen a ton of wonderful cosplays of your steampunk adventure time but I just wanted to ask for myself and my friend(tumblr user fffortescue) if it was okay for us to use your versions of PB and Finn for cosplay purposes?

hi! yes, go right ahead. link me photos of your cosplays after :D

20 Dec 13 at 1 am

Asked by healerheartish

asker I stumbled across your steampunk Adventure time designs and I absolutely love them! Would it be okay for me to cosplay your steampunk Marceline design? I would credit you constantly! =3

hi! yes, of course! link me photos when you do the cosplay? :D

asker Hey! My name is Sam and I saw your Steampunk Marceline drawing and I wanted to know if I had your permission to cosplay it! If I post any pictures of it a link to your tumblr profile and the original picture in the caption :)

hello, sam! yes of course. i’d appreciate it if you’ll link me photos when you do cosplay her :D

asker Uh, hi c: I really like your Fionna steampunk design, and I wanted to know, would it be okay if I cosplayed it? I wanted to make sure you'd be okay with it c:

hello! thank you! yes of course. show me photos after please :DD

16 Nov 13 at 3 am

Asked by unifiednations

asker Brilliant, thank-you! We'll probably be having a photoshoot, I'll keep you updated :3

cool! thanks! :D

asker Its palebloodda on tumblr! for that shingeki art <3

OH. that was fast! haha. thank you! :D

…and i was actually following that blog. otl

can anyone give me the link or contact of the original artist of this Shingeki No Kyojin art? ——it’s a titan spoiler artwork. don’t click if you’re not updated with the manga.

i’d like to verify if he or she knows that a very well known anime store in my country is selling this piece as a mouse pad. i just saw it awhile ago.

i think the artist has a tumblr, too. please message me HERE if you know how i can contact the artist.



already got her blog! thanks for the quick response! <3

15 Nov 13 at 10 am

Asked by unifiednations

asker Hello my dear! So I saw your Steampunk Adventure Time designs (I'm hoping I have the right person) and I was wondering, could I use them as a design for a cosplay group I'm doing? I'll credit you of course :3


Yeah, sure! I’d love to see photos of the cosplay when you’re done, though. :D

14 Nov 13 at 8 pm

Asked by Anonymous

tags: plagiarism 
asker someone in the we love fine adventure time t-shirt design contest posted your steampunk flame princess design without credit.

i’m emailing the site right now! i saw the princess bubblegum! there’s a flame princess, too?? i’m gonna search all of the pages. i’m just glad i post in low resolution. IF they even try to win, results will be crappy. should’ve made my watermark harder to erase. too late for that, though. :<

but i’m happy that you guys take time to inform me of these things. i appreciate it. thank you so much!



13 Nov 13 at 4 am


In a matter of hours on Friday, Typhoon Haiyan completely devastated parts of the central Philippines. It was one of the strongest storms ever recorded. The death toll is estimated up to 10,000 with hundreds of thousands more displaced. The country has declared a “state of calamity.”

To all our…

my country. hopefully the distribution of relief goods will spread faster. it’s been days and a lot of people haven’t received any support idk why :(

Tumblr Staff: In a matter of hours on Friday, Typhoon Haiyan completely devastated...
asker Just wanted to let you know I used one of your pics in my videos. Credited you, link to your blog is in the video description. (tumblr wont let me send you the link, its on my blog, description of video is "Sniper was avin a fkin giggle"

alright, thanks for crediting!

and LOL! dat sunstrike XD

08 Nov 13 at 3 am

Asked by alwaysdota

asker You gotta make more Magina pls or XY pls comics, they are the best! :3 Pretty please sugar on top?

thanks! :D okay, i’ll try more magina pls comics. haha!

asker literally everything in your adventure time tag is perfection. I love the steampunk/adventure time look its so cool

ohh, thank you! :DD